Upcoming Cosmetology Start Date

August 17, 2023

Cosmetology is an exciting and rewarding field of study. A license in Cosmetology will prepare you for an ever changing career in beauty. This 1500 hour program is a comprehensive study and hands on practice of hair, skin, nails & makeup. Many students choose Cosmetology to realize their dream to work as a stylist in a salon and have a career that is fulfilling, rewarding and flexible. Other students use their Cosmetology education and license to pursue careers in one of these emerging fields: Just to name a few

  • Makeup Artist 
  • Beauty Product Representative 
  • Fashion Show Stylist 
  • Film and Theatre Stylist 
  • Platform Artist 
  • Cosmetology Instructor 
  • Salon Coordinator  
  • Marketing/Sales for beauty brands 

If you love beauty, creative projects, learning new things, opening yourself up to new and exciting possibilities and love making people feel beautiful a career in Cosmetology may be a fit for you! 

Our goal at Debutantes School of Beauty is to provide you the tools, education and foundation for a career in the beauty industry. Take advantage of our offer for a personal tour which will give you the chance to see our school, ask questions and learn if Debutantes School is a fit for your educational goals.

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Cosmetology Curriculum

For any Admissions related questions please call or text (815) 758-4045 or email 

At Debutantes you will learn all of the skills required to become a licensed Cosmetologist. Or according to the Standard Occupational Classification Codes (SOC) a hairdresser, hairstylist, or cosmetologist, code number 39-5012.00. The following is a breakdown of the 1500 hour curriculum for our Cosmetology Program

  • Basic Training – 150 hours of classroom instruction in general theory and practical application. Completion of this training is required prior to practicing on the public
  • Practical Chemical Application/Hair Treatment – 500 hours of a combination of classroom instruction and hands on experience
  • Hair Styling/Hair Dressing – 475 hours of a combination of classroom instruction and hands on experience
  • Shop Management, Sanitation and Interpersonal Relations – 200 hours of classroom instruction
  • Esthetics – 85 hours of instruction
  • Nail Technology – 55 hours of instruction
  • Electives – 35 hours
  • Internship program – May be substituted for 150 hours of the 1500 hours

To learn more about Debutantes School Cosmetology program please fill out the form below. An Admissions Advisor will contact you within 24-48 hours

“This school has so many great opportunities for students focusing in Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Nail studies! I personally know several students who have attended here and all have so much knowledge above others who have attended other schools/programs!! I highly recommend this school to anyone in the area looking to get into this industry for a place where you get above and beyond education, hands on experience, and confidence leaving school to begin their life long career! As a salon owner, and licensed educator myself; students who have attended this school have never left me disappointed during the hiring process with confidence, practical applications, as well as guest satisfaction! Congratulations on providing excellent over all training to your students!!”

Danielle St. Laurent~ Owner of Eclipse Salon