Esthetics prepares individuals for a career in the beauty industry specializing in skincare. This type of program typically covers a wide range of topics and practical training to develop the necessary skills and knowledge in aesthetics.

During the 750-hour program, you can expect to learn various aspects of aesthetics, including skincare, facials, makeup application, hair removal techniques (such as waxing or threading), eyebrow shaping, lash extensions, and basic spa treatments. The curriculum may also include subjects like anatomy and physiology of the skin, sanitation and safety practices, product knowledge, client consultation, and business management.

With an esthetics license, you can pursue a variety of exciting careers in the beauty and skincare industry. Here are some of the potential career options:

  • Aesthetician 
  • Makeup Artist 
  • Medical Aesthetician 
  • Spa Manager 
  • Skin Care Consultant

These are just a few examples of the career paths you can explore with an esthetics license. The beauty industry offers a wide range of opportunities for estheticians, allowing you to specialize in specific areas or diversify your skills over time.

Esthetics Curriculum

Learn Advanced Facials, Body Treatments, Face & Body Waxing, Advanced Makeup Techniques, Chemical Peels, & Microdemabrasion in our 750 hour hands on Esthetics course.

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At Debutantes you will learn all of the skills required to become a licensed
Esthetician. Or according to the Standard Occupational Classification Codes (SOC) a skincare specialist, code number 39-5094.00. The following is a breakdown of our 750 hour curriculum:

  • Basic Training – 75 hours of classroom instruction in general theory and practical application. Completion of this training is required prior to practicing on the public
  • Scientific Concepts – 150 hours of classroom instruction
  • Practices and Procedures – 500 hours of instruction, a combination of classroom instruction and clinical application,
  • Business Practices – 25 hours of classroom instruction
  • Internship Program – May be substituted for 75 hours of the 750 hours

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