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Debutantes may be an unusual name for a school of Cosmetology, Esthetics and Nail Technology, but it has meaning for us. We are a family business – Tom (father), Jaime, Sarah and Becky (daughters). Missing in this family is a wife and mother. Deb is her name and the name we wanted to make sure was a very real part of our business. Debutantes was our choice of a name to honor her.

In December of 2006 at the way too young age of 51, Deb lost her life to cancer. She had become a wife at age 19, a mother at age 20 and invested her life in those she loved. For 31 years we were fortunate to be the ones she loved most. We loved her back as best we knew how.

She left a legacy of building into the lives of others for her husband and daughters to follow. So in the fall of 2008 when we opened our doors, it made sense that Debutantes would be the name above those doors. We knew, however, that a name was only an honor when the name stood for something honorable. We knew we needed to create a school that would live up to the name.

About Us Cont.

We may not always succeed (she didn’t either), but we are working hard to build into the lives of our students so that they have opportunities to use their gifts and be successful in the process. When Deb was a very young mom, living in Vermont and looking for a way to help her family’s finances, she used her God-given artistic abilities, coupled it with her desire to create, and taught herself how to make dough ornaments. She then launched her own successful business “Rollin in Dough”. She worked incredibly hard but she was never more alive than when she used her talents and abilities to provide something of value for others.

The school that now carries her name lives so that others can apply their own gifts, work hard, serve others, and experience the joy of being successful doing what they were created to do. We are committed to that mission and look forward to working together to help others achieve