Our Team


Meet Tom, our Team Leader. His goal from the initial crazy idea of using a movie theater for our facility was to create a new kind of beauty school. The question from the start was and continues to be “How should we do this if our singular goal is to develop the highest possible caliber of beauty professional”? The most critical element required the building of a team of committed educators and support staff that shared this goal and who would work with skill and passion to bring it about. You are able to meet that team here online and, we hope, in person when you come to Debutantes as a prospective student or client. Tom’s goal at Debutantes School is to make a positive difference in the lives of others by first helping them to recognize their own unique giftedness and then to develop those gifts to the fullest extent possible using the resources the school has to offer. Tom’s favorite way to experience the world outside of Debutantes School is from the seat of a bicycle enjoying the sights sounds and smells of this world with which we have been blessed.


Meet Becky, our Accreditation Specialist. Debutantes School of Beauty is currently accredited through the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Science (NACCAS). Accreditation means that our school has met and continues to meet national standards of educational performance which is consistently monitored to ensure compliance. Becky co-founded Debutantes School and operated as our Managing Director from 2009 until the summer of 2023. Becky now spends her time balancing a part time career at Debutantes School as well as Studio One Salon and Spa, but her focus has shifted to raising her two daughters, Maddie (8) and Sadie (5). When Becky isn’t working, she’s playing pretend travel agent while planning traveling adventures that allow her to spend quality time with her husband Eric and children.  Becky enjoys popping into the school to help when needed, so feel free to say hello when you see her around.


Meet Stephenie, our vibrant Front Desk Operations Manager who brings a ray of sunshine to the workplace every day. With a heartwarming love for her dog Reggie, she knows the true meaning of loyalty and compassion, which shines through in her interactions with colleagues, students and clients alike. With an impressive 18 years of customer service experience, Stephenie has mastered the art of making people feel welcome and valued. Her warm personality and genuine care for others create an atmosphere of positivity and teamwork, making her an invaluable asset to the team.


Meet Krista, with an impressive 37 years of experience as a cosmetologist, Krista brings unparalleled expertise and dedication to our team. Over the past decade, she has shared her extensive knowledge as an educator, including her time with the prestigious Framesi brand.

Krista specializes in hair color, renowned for her fast foiling technique, which sets her apart in the industry. Her passion for education goes beyond teaching technical skills; she prepares students to thrive as beauty professionals in the real world.

As our Lead Clinic Floor Educator, Krista thrives in hands-on training environments, ensuring that each student gains practical experience and confidence. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to connect with students make her an invaluable asset to our team.


Tanisha spent her early years training in the beauty industry, for over 20 years working in full service salons and spas, this is where Tanisha, learned that the career of Cosmetology was the best career choice as well as life changing. While working behind the chair she developed confidence with a team of incredibly talented diverse stylist, Tanisha was able to build a lucrative clientele, soar her career from an entry level designing stylist, to senior stylist, finally to master stylist, continuing on to becoming the top rebooking master stylist earning accolades in high service sales, such as; hair coloring, haircutting, braids, locs, and hair extensions. In addition to a very successful salon experience Tanisha went on to enter contests and competitions, editorial commissions for magazine covers, as well as a platform artist at the American Beauty Show! Training and Education in the beauty industry has always been Tanisha’s focus, she went on to be trained and certified in Redken, Mazani, Paul Mitchell, and certified by Lash Addict for lash extensions. Striving for more, Tanisha wanted to reach and teach individuals coming into the beauty industry, Tanisha became a licensed cosmetology teacher in the state of Illinois, in 2009. Teaching for 10 plus years, she achieved teacher of the month, along with countless hours of continuing education hours with the state of Illinois.


Meet Ana our dedicated Esthetics Lead Instructor with a glowing passion for both the beauty industry and the art of teaching. As the Esthetics Lead Instructor, Ana is committed to nurturing the next generation of skincare professionals. Her enthusiasm for teaching shines through as she shares her extensive knowledge and expertise with aspiring estheticians, guiding them to develop their skills and find their own creative flair within the industry. Outside of her professional life, Ana’s heart belongs to her fur babies, Michi and Leo.. Just as she nurtures her students’ growth, Ana wholeheartedly cares for her furry companions, creating a loving and nurturing home for them.


Meet Gaby, our Marketing Manager and seasoned beauty pro, with over 15 years of chair-side expertise in cutting-edge haircutting techniques. But Gaby’s story doesn’t stop there. She’s also ventured into digital marketing, where she passionately shines a spotlight on student triumphs through social media platforms. Driven by her unwavering commitment to fostering growth and inspiring success in aspiring beauty professionals, Gaby embodies a true beacon of inspiration within the industry. Gaby’s enthusiasm for her work is contagious, and she thrives in collaborative environments where she can bring her visions to life. 


As someone deeply passionate about empowering aspiring cosmetology professionals to kickstart thriving careers, James is honored to serve as Director of Education at Debutantes. With over a decade of industry experience spanning various roles, he is dedicated to equipping cosmetology students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to succeed. At Tricoci, he led dynamic education initiatives aimed at advancing students’ understanding of the craft while aligning with the salon’s objectives. By fostering an immersive learning environment and employing innovative teaching techniques, he strives to ignite students’ passion for their craft and prepare them for the diverse challenges of the beauty industry. His journey from salon owner to educator, coupled with his expertise in e-commerce and salon management, allows him to offer invaluable insights and guidance to students and teammates as they embark on their professional journeys. Together, we’ll unlock the potential within each student, setting them on a path to fulfilling and successful careers in cosmetology.